sharing circles

A sharing process, the way of council

A simple way of council is sitting in a circle, attributing a center, agreeing basic intentions,using a talking / listening piece and conducting our attention to witness, attend and facilitate a learning, a support and a wisdom inherently present within the participants, space and time allotted.

Indigenous people recognise it as core practice for community relating in matters social, health, governance and more.

Terry and Tom would like to invite you to be part of the sharing circle. The circle will be held at the Nutclough housing co operative on a weekly basis and participation will be on donation.

Maximum number of participants: 12, Day and time TBA at the end of June 2017

To express you interest please contact: Terry: swhic[at], Tom: tom_wilks[at]

Terry has participated in many sharing circles during his involvement with intentional communities as participant and facilitator as well and he’s been trained as group facilitator in the community of Findhorn in Scotland. He recently realised that having left behind the sharing practice, he gradually managed to get disconected from himself. He trusts that the sharing process will heal and recover this relationship.

Sharing unblocks. It’s a process and needs time but it certainly works.

For more info about the way of council please visit friend Rob’s web site here

Thank you for listening