do you listen?

a journey about sounds, and ecology

~do you listen? …the idea was born during the period I was working on the design of a sound related course….

~do i listen? how aware am I regarding the sounds that surround me? how much do they disturb me, how do they become alive when I put my attention to them?

We are surrounded by sounds that we hear even if we don’t want to. we can’t put lids on our ears ( Murray Schafer). hearing is a passive sense (aren’t they all?) we can’t avoid sounds (offensive ones?). we can argue on the offensiveness of sounds or we could even charge sound producers as sound polluters as….did. (listen)

Murray Schafer talked about our modern lo-fi environment compared to the hi-fi environment of the past. how many sounds have been lost? John Cage talked about the presence of sounds, the discrimination of sounds, sounds beyond ugliness and beauty.

~do you listen? am I aware? am I present? am I able to listen to my environment? the silence.. do I listen when you talk to me? dialogue is what makes everything possible, providing the space for emergence (D.Bohm On Dialogue)

the sound, the voice, fills the silent space. if there was not an empty space (silence) nothing could be heard.

…and then came the idea of the white empty space that can be filled. “we make doors and windows for a room; but it is these empty spaces that make the room livable”(Tao the King)

white as the symbol of peace. inner, and environmental peace.

Humans have a unique charisma, they can imagine. I imagine, i have an idea, i create reality (Brian Eno). What do you imagine?

~do you listen?

As humble as I can be

Terry (Eleftherios)  Vergos